LED Skin Therapy Mask

LED Skin Therapy Mask

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The Benefits to LED light Therapy belong to non invasive painless skincare and their effects are significant without harmful light, Hence why it is widely used by Dermatologists

The Benefits:

RED LED Targets wrinkles it Facilitates blood circulation, accelerates metabolism and Generates Collagen, helpful for wrinkle care, ageing and skin improvement.

BLUE LIGHT removes and kills propionibacterium Acne Bacteria,... it is really helpful for Acne,.. preventing bacteria build up and improving the environment in the hair follicle.

ORANGE LED improves the function of oxygen exchange in the cells, accelerating the blood circulation together with fading pigmentations and also helps to soften the skin


* Apply Serums to Cleansed skin

* Apply your mask sit back for 10-20 Minutes it’s that simple  

LED can be used daily for optimal results